YAME (pronounced: yuh - may) is a Global online news and community resource hub offering a digital presence in a manner that's effective and in line with our goals and visions in mind. Through smart content funnels, we integrate business intelligence with other solutions that would arouse the curiosity of diverse groups. We believe what we have to offer and we hope you will find the resources helpful.



Have some fun and be truly engaged in activities, discover new opportunities and build social relationships. Experience different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.

Politics and History

“The Joy of the Harvest” It is said the joy of the harvest comes when we step out of the night of darkness and when we move beyond ourselves and we begin to focus on others. When we do that we see and experience circumstances differently: we see a clearer path, a direction, a need, a response.

Health and Technology


Technology and Health are diverse and surprisingly drives healthcare more than any other force. The theoretical foundation supports a direct correlation with significant benefits as the future of technology continues to develop dramatic ways.

Get to know the founders! YAME is a Global online news community resource hub offering a digital presence that's effective and in line with our goals and visions in mind – a destination rather than a journey. In that sense, if at any point, the point the journey stops. It was co-founded by childhood friends, Ola George, Theo Edwards, and Josephaus Weeks. Its website was launched on September 9, 2018 as a new culture pointed to the dangers of political elites. Political elite’ dictators abusing their power to create the reality that produces fake news to mislead the ‘oft-gullible’ to distort people’s views. The aim is to help reach the demographics with a focus on world reality state of things.”